French Marriage Practices

Traditionally, French weddings are arranged international dating for filipina women by the bride’s family. However , the more couples are breaking this kind of tradition. These kinds of weddings happen to be spectacular. They incorporate a variety of traditions that are completely unique to Bengali lifestyle. The marriage is actually a time for the couple to fulfill each other, and take the earliest steps into their fresh life collectively.

The wedding ceremony is generally divided into 3 stages. The first stage involves the preparation of the new bride. This is usually done by her close family members. A couple of dishes are prepared for her close relatives. The star of the event also in person cooks the meal. This is usually a mini-feast.

The other stage in the marriage is a ‘Bou Bhaat’ or the wedding ceremony reception. The groom and bride are brought to their granparents and family members associates at this reception. They are consequently given presents. The family may also invite faraway relatives to the reception.

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The bride and groom consequently leave with regards to the groom’s house. This is a more relaxed and less formal wedding ceremony. After the soon-to-be husband seems to have presented a new sari and a variety of essential accessories to the star of the wedding, the groom’s family is seated at a chadnatolla (sanctum sanctorum). The groom fantastic family are given a gift from bride’s family members. This gift can now be presented on the silver dish.

The groom’s family unit then arrives at the bride’s house. They are greeted by bride’s family members. The bride’s family after that prepares a mini-feast. The meal is often accompanied by a selection of sweets.


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