Tricks for Staying Safe on Your local craigslist ads

Buying and selling upon Craigslist could be dangerous. The site’s acceptance has made this easy for bad guys to post advertisements and fraud people. Here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim.

First, never pay your bank account information or card information to someone you meet over the internet. This information could be stolen and used by scammers to commit personality fraud or actually to steal your hard earned cash.

Second, avoid using escrow offerings or funds wire transactions. These are utilized by foreign thieves to scam victims out of money. Scammers may also make use of fraudulent funds orders or checks.

Third, always connect with using a friend or family member ahead of handing over cash or any other valuables. Never meet with a unfamiliar person in your home or any type of other private place. Instead, meet in a people place, say for example a mall or parking lot. This kind of adds extra layer of security.

Finally, always make sure an item you are buying is at good working condition. You may also want to ask to see the product personally, or at least to get a demonstration of computer.

These are almost all simple tips to hold yourself safe while using Craigslist ads. It’s also smart to make sure you look at the ad you are looking at carefully. In case you are buying something which looks suspicious or perhaps seems too good to get true, this probably is normally.

Finally, when buying or offering something on Craigslist, under no circumstances meet in your home. Instead, fulfill in a consumer place, if possible in a busy parking lot.


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